Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bonnie and Clyde

Several of the Powell Historical Preservation Board Members spent a memorable afternoon at the Historic Powell Bridge Sunday, March 6, showing the Grand Ole' Lady to Tonya S. Holly and her production crew and telling her the history of our wonderful bridge. Ms. Holly represents the Cypress Moon Production Company and is the writer, producer and director of the upcoming new film "The Story of Bonnie & Clyde." Ms. Holly, Kenny Davis, her assistant producer, and three other assistants drove down from Joplin to view and photograph the bridge and were enchanted with what they saw. Although they had little time to spare from their busy schedule, they were definitely glad they made the trip to "God's Country."
Although Ms. Holly was looking for a bridge closer to Joplin to cut down on filming costs, she was definitely interested in the old Powell Bridge and all of the dirt roads in our area.
We were truly honored by Ms. Holly's interest, whether the filming takes place here or not. She and her crew were absolutely delightful people to talk to.
The McDonald County Newspaper will be doing an article on the Bridge and this topic the week of March 17. Please watch for it!

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  1. What a great honor! I'll be sure to watch for the article!